Blue Heart Sanctuary

At the Blue Heart Sanctuary, We Believe that We are the ones responsible for Creating what is as close as possible to the Experience of Heaven on this Earth.

Sharing sacred land with the SólGaia Center for Illumined Hearts is the non-profit animal rescue organization, Blue Heart Sanctuary. Founded in 2001, the Sanctuary serves as a refuge for both farm and companion animals in need and provides a protective habitat for wildlife on 40 acres in Western North Carolina.

The Sanctuary offers tours and hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for children and families where they can come connect with nature and experience the unconditional love of the animals graced to call the Sanctuary their home. 

The organization is dedicated to love in action, peace and compassion and holds space for the rights of ALL animals to live a full & peaceful life. Animals, like people, are precious gifts and thrive in a loving, nurturing environment. The true nature of LOVE shines when we exist as ONE — together in Peace, Love & Harmony.  Click the image below to visit the Sanctuary website.