In the chaos of this World, an Oasis of Peace exists...


Feeling Depleted by the Densities of the Outside World?

The Sacred Cherokee land of SólGaia Invites You to Come...
Align with the Rhythm of the Earth.
Feel the Unconditional Love of the Animals.
Recharge Your Light, Revitalize Your Spirit & Restore Your Soul.
The Peace You've Been Longing for is Here.

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Experience Heaven on Earth...

Amidst the serene embrace of the Blue Heart Animal Sanctuary and nestled on 40 acres in the Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you’re invited to step into a world where the stress and pressures of everyday life melt away, and the healing power of nature reigns supreme.

Surrounded by a pristine forest, SólGaia is a refuge from the turmoil of the world. It offers an extraordinary opportunity to connect with Pure, Organic Creation. Here, you can find solace amongst the whispering winds, towering trees, mossy covered rocks and crystalline mountain streams. Allow the tranquility of this safe haven to awaken your spirit and rejuvenate your soul.

You can finally take a deep breath… soften and surrender as balance and harmony are restored. The Feeling of Love and Peace here is palpable. Allow these healing energies to hold you in a transformative embrace as you gain clarity and focus. Remember the Truth of who You Are.

Aside from the Magnificence of the Woodland setting, one of the the things that truly sets SólGaia apart is our Beloved animal residents, who roam freely across the land. The gentle presence of these beautiful creatures infuse every moment with love and light. From gentle sheep and playful goats to friendly dogs, cats and a miniature mule these kindred spirits offer companionship, comfort, and a profound reminder of the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Whether you’re feeling lost or out of balance, seeking solace from the demands of modern life, have embarked on a journey of self-discovery, or simply craving a moment of peace and renewal, our Healing Retreat Center offers an oasis of serenity and the space for lasting transformation.

Feel The Vibe

Unplug... Reboot...Refresh

Living Mineralized Spring Water

Our visitors and guests are in for a treat… delicious Living Mineralized Spring Water that comes directly out of the Mountain via gravity fed spring. The first taste of this pure water will leave you wanting more.  Ask us about the experiments we have been conducting with water and frequency! We welcome you to bring an empty container so you can take some of this water with you on your travels.

Revitalize And Nurture Your Soul

Healers, Empaths, Lightworkers and Starseeds…

As Heart-Centered, Sensitive Souls living in a world of density, it’s important we gift ourselves the space to pause…to rest, revive and recharge our light!
Revitalize and nurture your soul with a 1:1  or intimate group retreat at SólGaia.  Discover

We have partnered with a world renowned Doctor of Naturopathy and Energy Medicine Specialist to enhance MicroGreens with nutrient boosting frequencies.  The energetic enhancements we are experimenting with are reducing growing time, increasing yield, improving taste and quality. The implications of what we are discovering has the potential to impact food production and supply in areas affected by famine and drought.

What Client's Says

We stayed one weekend at the cabin and it was fantastic. The nights were cold, but we got a heater and hats which was very nice. The warm shower works great. We were able to feed the donkey apples from the farm. All the animals were very welcoming (cats, dogs, sheep). ​

Such a lovely, lovely property. We look forward to returning when we can stay longer, and enjoy the beautiful drive up the mountain for an earlier check in. Unique and magical experiences abound! Amma was an amazing host - so helpful and quick to communicate.​

The cabin is in an serene environment next to a little creek- I don’t remember when we last slept so well as here Inside- it’s cute and has everything you need. The queen bed was very comfortable, local water provided was delicious. Amma is a fantastic human and gracious, great host! My girlfriend could spontaneously attend her cacao ceremony in the morning and loved it Highly recommend!​

My husband and I enjoyed our stay it was clean and provided all we needed . The area is absolutely beautiful and so peaceful . We enjoyed staying on the farm we had total access to the animals we enjoyed our time with the sheep and goats . Amma is so friendly and accommodating she continued to check in and made sure we had what we needed. We highly recommend and we can’t wait to visit again !

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